Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Four Histories on the Beeb

I can barely contain my excitement for this. The BBC is doing Richard II, Henry IV (parts 1 and 2) and Henry V. They air in England in June... and who knows when for the poor, culture-deprived Americans. Looks like in Richard II alone we will see Patrick Stewart, David Morrissey and David Suchet, with Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Irons, Iain Glen, Niamh Cusack, and a bunch of other people I will probably recognize on the screen filling in the other 3 movies. Happy sigh....

Anyway... So you all can get as excited as I am... here's a trailer. :-D Try not to drool too much...


And if that wasn't enough... Look! Here are some clips!!! :-D First from Richard II:

Then from H4P1:

Then from H5:

Yup. I'm looking forward to this!


  1. Yaaaaay, Shakespeare! Can't wait! And aren't we lucky to have a Good Brother?!

  2. Nice clips! Thank you . . . I think . . . 8 )

    1. I know... right? They're probably just toying with us by putting all this scrumminess out there and making us Very Excited. I'm looking forward to actually SEEING Richard II. (I'm guessing it will make more sense than when I just listened to it.)