Friday, August 9, 2013

Upcoming Shakespeare Summer 2013 to Summer 2014

Because I'm going to try to be better about making it to local Shakespeare, I've once again compiled a list of what's happening when. Many of the local colleges (MHCC, PCC, Reed, PSU, George Fox) don’t have their theatre schedule up on their web sites yet, but I'll try to update this closer to the beginning of the school year, if any of them are doing Shakespeare. (I'll also update this with links to my reviews... if and when I write them!)

And on a completely random note... how in the world are we getting so many productions of Cymbeline lately? In 2011, Northwest Classical did it... and then in 2012 Portland Center Stage... and now we have PAE and Oregon Shakespeare Festival and next spring University of Portland?!?! I'm not complaining -- I love Cymbeline! -- but for one of the lesser known plays, it's certainly getting a lot of attention!

The good news is that it looks like even without going to Ashland, there's quite a bit of Shakespeare this year. Not enough for one play a month (because there's a dry spell November through January), but otherwise, it looks like an interesting year. Maybe a little heavy on the tragedies... but oh well.

Now – Aug. 24 
Romeo and JulietWillamette Shakespeare
My Review: Fun and Frustration in Romeo and Juliet

Now – Sept. 2 

*Now – Oct. 11 
CymbelineOregon Shakespeare Festival

*Now – Oct. 13 
A Midsummer Night’s DreamOregon Shakespeare Festival

*Now – Nov. 3 
Taming of the ShrewOregon Shakespeare Festival

*Now – Nov. 3 
King LearOregon Shakespeare Festival

Aug. 17 – Sept. 29 

Aug. 17, 25, Sept. 29
Comedie of ErrorsOpsFest

Sept. 20 – Oct. 13
Richard III NWCTC 

Feb. 28 – March 30
King LearNWCTC

April 5 – May 11 
OthelloPortland Center Stage

April 8 – 12 
CymbelineUniversity of Portland

May 23 – June 22 

May 23 – June 22 
Titus AndronicusPost5

Summer 2014 
Antony and CleopatraPAE 
A Midsummer Night's DreamPAE     

*Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland (not quite local... but I feel compelled to include them because, I mean, it's Shakespeare!)


  1. Hi Katie! This is a really great (and helpful!) list. My name is Amir Shirazi, and I'm producing Two Gentlemen of Verona which is performing this labor day weekend and the following weekend. All performances are free and in the outdoor courtyard of Disjecta. We would LOVE to have you at the show! Please feel free to contact me at so we can coordinate details if you are available.

    A lot of the people that were involved in last year's Twelfth Night with PAE that you reviewed are also involved in this production of Two Gents! We love reading your blog, and we noticed Two Gents is a play that you haven't reviewed yet either. (It's so infrequently done... that's part of why we wanted to do it!) Anyway, I hope you are well, and I look forwarding to hearing from you and hopefully seeing you at the play!

    -Amir Shirazi

    1. Hey Amir! Thanks for your note. I just picked up a postcard for Two Gents at Powell's last week. If I can make it, I'd love to see it... it looks like fun.