Thursday, October 25, 2012

Saint Crispin's Day 2012

Well... we've come to another 25 October again... and I've woefully neglected my blog. Let's just say there's been a dearth of Shakespeare in my life recently. But it's Saint Crispin's day... and this time I thought I'd put up several different versions of Henry V's Saint Crispin's Day speech.

This first video has four versions in it. It starts with Sir Larry from 1944, then goes to David Gwillim (1979), followed by Michael Pennington (1989), and finally Sir Kenneth Branagh (also in 1989). 


Next, we'll go back to 1951 with just the audio of Richard Burton's performance.

And then we'll wrap it all up with the newest one: Tom Hiddleston from The Hollow Crown: Henry V (BBC 2012).

So... what do you think? Who do you think captured the feel of the thing best? Who would you follow into a hopeless-looking battle? Don't be shy! (I was really surprised by my reactions to all 6 of these!) I'd love to hear your thoughts. :-D

Cheers... and happy Saint Crispin's Day!