Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Year of Shakespeare

Looks like I need to do some dusting in here. I've been a little low on Shakespeare lately. But to fix that, I've got a plan for 2013: Read one Shakespeare play each month. It's not much... but it's a start. I've made a list -- originally this was going to be a reading / discussion group, but logistics haven't fallen into place yet. So I thought I'd just post my list, and anyone who was vaguely interested might read along with me.

If I'm diligent, I might post "things to look for while reading" for each play.

So here's my reading list. I realize that January is gone... but maybe you can sneak Macbeth into the beginning of February.

January              Macbeth                                              
February            The Taming of the Shrew
March                King Lear
April                  The Winter’s Tale
May                   Merchant of Venice
June                   Cymbeline
July                    Romeo and Juliet
August               As You Like It
September         Troilus and Cressida
October              Julius Caesar
November          A Midsummer Night’s Dream
December          Twelfth Night

If you are interested in reading along and maybe finding a way to discuss these (even with comments on here or via email?), leave me a note. By the way, a lot of these are ones happening in the Portland area this Spring / Summer (or in Ashland)... and I've tried to set it up so that you can read the play before going to see it.